Strawberry Banana Muffins (grain, dairy, and nut free)

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Strawberry Banana Muffins (grain, dairy, and nut free) ||


You know that recipe development has been successful when the entire batch of muffins gets eaten before you have a chance to take any photos. This recipe had to me made again in order to be shared here with you. My family just couldn’t resist. Today’s recipe: Strawberry Banana Muffins.


I spend a ton of time in the kitchen creating recipes and making food for the family.  I love sharing delicious goodness with you all.  But most of all, I want my kids to grow up eating REAL, healthy food.  I really believe that eating habits and tastes develop early.  I don’t feed my kids junk food.  I don’t buy packaged foods.  And I don’t give my little one chocolate.  I’ve been a parent a LONG time and know that once they get bigger, you have much less control of what goes into their mouths and into their bodies.

So, making baked goods like these is my way of having fun with my kids AND introducing them to healthy foods that taste amazing.  Moist and delicious, these are the perfect muffin.

And  today, I have the pleasure of sharing the recipe  over at Delicious Obsessions.  So HOP ON OVER HERE to see the recipe.  I hope you enjoy it!

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Strawberry Banana Muffins (grain, dairy, and nut free) ~






Strawberry Banana Muffins (grain, dairy, and nut free)  -

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  1. Pam says

    I made these muffins this weekend. The flavor is delicious! However, it was really a “wet” texture. I even left them in the oven about 8-10 minutes extra. Is there anything that can be done to give this a more “muffin” texture?


    • says

      My muffins turned out moist but not wet. My guess is that maybe the banana you used is bigger. Maybe use less banana as that makes it quite moist. You can also add less liquid if you like a drier muffin. Coconut flour can be a bit dry for me so I add a lots of egg and things to moisten it up.

  2. Stephanie says

    I just happened to , luckily, come across this amazing recipe! My boyfriend and I can not get enough of these luscious little treats! We were talking about adding more protein to the mix and came up with either nuts or peanut butter. Adding nuts wouldn’t be difficult, but the peanut butter may thicken the batter too much. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how much PB to add, if there’s any other ingredient (s) that would need to be decreased, any change in baking temperature or time….I love to cook, but I am by no means a chef/chemist. Thanks for sharing this great recipe (I’ve already shared it with many of my friends)!!

    • says

      Hi, there!
      Baking is all about experimentation for me. You could definitely add a bit of peanut butter, but it will change the consistency a bit. You can add it right to the mix. You could start with a 1/4 cup and see how it turns out. The other option is to make nut butter filled muffins. You add a bit of muffin batter to the muffin pan, add a tbsp or so of nut butter, then add another scoop of muffin batter. The nut butter bakes into the center. Could be good. Never tried it but worth a shot. Let me know if you try this. Thanks so much for coming by! :)

      • stephanie says

        Update on the peanut butter experiment:
        added 1/4 cup of PB to batter. I had to increase the cooking time to almost 25 minutes. They turned out amazing!!! I left out the strawberries, but added walnuts – the 1st 6 are already gone and I only got them out of the oven 3 hours ago :) Next time I’m adding some chocolate of some sort. Thanks again for sharing this recipe, it certainly has become a favorite of mine.

    • says

      The sweetener is the maple syrup of honey – so use a 1/4 cup. The fat is the coconut oil or ghee- so use a 1/4 cup of that too. Hope that helps! :)


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