5 Reasons Why I Drink Salt Water Sole

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5 Reasons Why I Drink Salt Water Sole - savorylotus.com

There is a lot of advice out there on how to stay healthy these days.  So many miracle cures to whatever ails you.  And I have tried a lot of them over the years.  The one thing that has made the biggest difference in my over all well-being is drinking salt water sole.  Drinking salt water?  YES.  Every day.

 What is Salt Water Sole?

(pronounced so-lay)

Let’s begin by noting that I am not talking about table salt here, which is made up of only sodium and chloride.  What I am talking about is combining  mineral-rich, unrefined natural salts and water to make a electrolyte-dense brine that is taken as a supplement every morning.

An electrolyte is a compound that ionizes when dissolved in liquid, meaning it becomes a charged molecule.  Different types of electrolytes include sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, calcium sulfate, magnesium, and phosphate.

When we combine natural salt and water, the positive ions of the salt surround the negative ions of the water molecules and vice versa, creating a totally new structure with an electrical charge that is more absorbable for the body.  When ingested into the body, the electrical charge of the solution helps the body to send electrical signals from one cell to another and assists the kidneys in maintaining fluid balances in the body.

Two of the most common salts used to make sole are Grey Atlantic Sea Salt (sometimes called Celtic Grey) and Himalayan Pink Salt.  There are, however, many other great mineral-rich salts to choose from.  I personally use Grey Atlantic Sea Salt because it has not been processed and contains all of its natural essential minerals.


Why I Drink Salt Water Sole


1)Drinking salt water sole helps my body hydrate without becoming too dilute.

We are often encouraged to drink copious amounts of water to stay hydrated and to “flush out toxin.”  This however can be detrimental to our health.  Over-drinking and becoming over-dilute actually lowers our metabolism and stresses out our bodies.  Our bodies and our cells rely on a certain concentration of minerals and electrolytes to function properly.  When we guzzle large amounts of plain water, our extracellular fluid become dilute causing a stress response in the body, activating stress hormones, like adrenaline, that are usually meant to deal with acute and immediate stressors.  And we all know that high levels of stress hormones are not good for anyone.

Matt Stone, in his book Eat For Heat: A Metabolic Approach to Food and Drink, goes into great detail about over-diltuting our bodies.  His well-researched book explains how we can maintain our internal balance by modifying what we eat and drink.  Matt writes,

“Do NOT drink when you are NOT thirsty – especially fluids that lack salt and sugar like tea, coffee, diet drinks, and plain water.”


“No other creature is so removed from its instinctual programming to the point of accidentally over drinking.”

With some careful observation of our own body’s signals, we can begin to learn when our bodies actually need fluids and when they don’t.  Learn more about Matt Stone’s book HERE

Consider this scenario:  You guzzle plain water, you get overly dilute, your kidneys respond by making you pee a lot, then you feel thirsty again.  Sound familiar?  It’s like watering a bone dry plant.  It all pours out of the bottom without actually absorbing into your cells.  Drinking water with a bit of salt in it allows your body to absorb and assimilate the fluids that you are taking in.

So,  drink your water, but don’t go overboard.  You don’t need your eye balls to be floating in your head.  Drink when you are thirsty.  Replace fluids when you sweat.  And start your day with a bit of salt water sole.


2) Natural, unrefined salts are rich in vital minerals.

“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” – Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner

Minerals are the most basic of building blocks for proper nutrition and health.  Without minerals, nothing else works.   Vitamins and other nutrients do not get broken down and absorbed when amino acids and enzymes do not work due to the lack of vital minerals.  And mineral deficiencies are getting more common now due to our depleted soils and poor diets.

A sole made with unrefined, natural salts is an amazing source of vital minerals.  For example, grey Atlantic Sea salt supplies all 82 trace minerals needed by the human body.  After sodium chloride (salt), the main mineral in unrefined sea salt is magnesium, which virtually everyone needs more of. Other minerals found in unrefined salt include barium, bismuth, boron, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum, rubidium, selenium, titanium, vanadium and zinc.

3) Salt water sole improves digestion.

Beginning in the mouth, the salt water will activate your salivary glands, releasing amylase.  This is the first step in digestion.  In the stomach, salt stimulates hydrochloric acid in the stomach as well as an enzyme that digests protein which assists in the further breakdown of food. It also stimulates secretions of the intestinal tract and liver, aiding the process of digestion.  Who couldn’t use a bit of help with digesting their food?


4) Salt improves your quality of sleep.

The abundance of trace minerals in natural  salt will have a calming effect on the entire nervous system.  Salt is known to reduce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline  in the body, helping you settle in for a better night’s rest.  Many folks wake up between the hours of 2 am and 4 am when adrenaline spikes in the body.  Matt Stone recommends a sprinkle of salt and sugar to calm the nervous system.  I have been doing this AND IT REALLY WORKS.  Find out more HERE about Matt Stone.  In addition, the proper ratio of water and salt consumption can help to prevent the need to urinate during the night.

5) Salt water sole helps give you beautiful, clear skin.

Like I said before, minerals are awesome.  And they can help your skin look amazing.

Chromium – Fights acne and reduces skin infections.

Zinc – aids in healing of the tissues and helps prevent scarring. It helps prevent acne by regulating the activity of oil glands. Zinc also promotes a healthy immune system and the healing of wounds.

Iodine – helps in healing skin infections by increasing oxygen consumption and the metabolic rate of the skin.

Sulfur – keeps skin clear and smooth. Dry scalps, rashes, eczema and acne are often due to deficiencies of this mineral.


How to Make Salt Water Sole

  • Fill a 1 quart glass mason jar about 1/3 full of unrefined, natural salt. Then fill jar with filtered water, leaving at least 2 inch gap at top.  Cover with a non-reactive cap (LIKE THIS).  Give it a good shake and allow to sit for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, if all the salt crystals have dissolved, add a few more salt crystals to the water. Your sole is ready when the salt no longer dissolves, meaning the water has become fully saturated with the salt.  (There should always be undissolved salt crystals on the bottom of the jar. This is your visual proof that the water is totally saturated with salt.)
  • Store, covered, on the counter or cupboard.  The sole will last indefinitely because of salt’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

NOTE:  It is important to avoid using metal whenever possible when making and using sole as this de-ionizes the salt.  I use plastic caps  (LIKE THIS)  for my mason jars and a wooden spoon (LIKE THIS) for my daily dosing.


sole Collage


How to Use Salt Water Sole

Each morning, on an empty stomach add a small amount of sole to a small (about 8 oz.) glass of filtered water.  The amount will vary depending on your bodies needs and your sole concentration.
Your tongue will tell you exactly how much sole to add to your water. Start with 1/2 tsp of sole.  When you add your sole to your glass of water, taste it. If it tastes the way you believe salt water tastes, then it is perfect. If it tastes too salty, then pour a little water out and  dilute the solution with more plain water until it tastes correct. If it doesn’t taste salty enough, you may need to add more than a tsp of sole until the balance is correct for you. Your sense of taste will let you know what your kidneys need and you may find that each day your needs are different.


Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 9.20.22 AM

This is the wooden spoon that I use for my sole.



5 Reasons Whyt I Drink Salt Water Sole ~ savorylotus.com




It is my belief that a healthy diet includes  good salts.  It is unfortunate that even though there is much evidence that eating salt does not cause health issues like high blood pressure and cardiac disease, many “experts” still recommend a diet low in salt.  Read more HERE about the Dangers of Salt Restriction from Chris Kresser, one of my favorite renegade researchers.  This article is in no way intended to give medical advice or to treat medical conditions.  I am only sharing what I have learned from personal experience.  Please consult your primary care person when making changes to your diet or self-care routine.
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  1. Susan says

    Hi. During the first step, are we putting in both the salt and the water at the same time into the mason jar?

      • Kate says

        Hi Katja,

        Thanks so much for these very helpful instructions. I’ve been taking sole first thing in the morning following your directions and really liking it. I have one question about the water itself. I use water out of my faucet which goes through a UV sanitizer. The faucet is metal though, so I’m worried that it’s de-ionizing the salt because the water itself has touched metal. Does that make sense? Do you have any thoughts about that?


        • says

          The metal is only a problem once the sole is made, so just be sure to use a plastic cap and spoon. I’m so glad that you are liking the sole. I still drink it EVERY day. Thanks so much for coming by.

          • sharrice barnes says

            the outside of my cap is metal but the inside is not is that ok. also the salt keeps dissolving by the end of everyday it does not seem to stay at the bottom for long. what am i doing wrong. Ive been adding salt every day for several days now.

          • says

            As long as the sole doesn’t touch metal, you are ok. And if you do not see salt in the bottom of the sole, just add more until a bit remains. This means that your sole is as saturated as it can be. :)

      • karen says

        I am just started drinking sole water this week, but I wanted my mom to try it, just read it has sulfur in it she is highly allergic to any drugs with sulfur. Is it safe to have her try without breaking into hives. Karen

        • says

          I can’t advise on medical things like allergies but here is a good link to explain the difference between being allergic to sulfa drugs and what sulfur actually is. Sounds like your mom has an allergy to sulfa drugs and not sulfur. The allergic reactions occur due to the actions of the molecule in the medication, not the sulfur. Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

        • Katherine says

          Sulfa drugs and natural sulfur are two different things. I am allergic to sulfa, but not sulfur. I’ve taken sulfur crystals aka MSM and not had any reaction at all. You mom is most likely safe – and if she’s really worried first buy some ALKA SELTZER “GOLD” from the pharmacist. It’s always behind their counter, never out front. ALKA AID is similar. Have this on hand in case of an allergic reaction. It is AMAZING stuff! Best to you and your good health, Katherine

    • Vivian says

      Should I drink the salt water sole at night in order to sleep through the night, or will it do the job drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning. I’m definitely going to make some when I get home tonight.

      • says

        I drink mine first thing in the morning to set myself up for the day. I also drink a bit in he afternoon if I’m feeling tired or dry.:)

        • Johnson says

          Please the salt you are talking abt is it those one we buy in d market or is it sold in d market Thanks

          • says

            You can buy unrefined sea salt at most health food stores or online. I added the links in the post for the salt that I like to use.

        • Cherry says

          Great information, thank you! In your post you said “Many folks wake up between the hours of 2 am and 4 am when adrenaline spikes in the body. Matt Stone recommends a sprinkle of salt and sugar to calm the nervous system. ” Does this mean that when I wake up in the middle of the night I should drink sole? Or that I should eat something that has salt and sugar in it? Or something else entirely? I wake up every night and I’d really love to learn how to fall back asleep easily. Thanks!

          • says

            What Matt recommends is to make a mixture of salt and sugar and keep it by your bedside. I use celtic sea salt and coconut sugar. When you wake up, sprinkle a titch under the tongue and let it dissolve. Keep in near by so you don’t have to get up or turn on the light. I use it occasionally and find that it actually works for me!

          • Thordis says

            I use this when I wake up, and it helps.

            How to Make Sleepy Dust

            Here’s what you need:

            5 Tablespoons organic cane sugar (I like this kind as it’s not bleached or heavily refined, and is fair-trade)
            1 Tablespoon sucanat/rapadura (this is completely unrefined sugar cane juice, with all minerals intact)
            2 teaspoons real sea salt

            Put the mixture in a baggie or a small container, and shake well. The sucanat has a tendency to separate from the rest, which is why you can’t use only sucanat and salt—the salt sinks to the bottom and doesn’t “stick” with the sucanat granules. But it does add a nice flavor, and a little boost of minerals, too! You can add more salt, if you can handle it. Matt recommends a 1:5 salt-to-sugar ratio, but I find that that’s too much salt for me. Experiment to see what works best for you.

            Now, keep this handy by your bed where you can easily reach it in the middle of the night. You can use it before you go to bed to de-stress and get ready for sleep, and when you wake up in the night.

            To use it, just keep a small spoon nearby and scoop a tiny bit out, then let it dissolve under your tongue, to get it straight into your bloodstream. You really only need a small pinch. I’ve even skipped the spoon and just stuck a wet finger into my little sleepy dust container and licked it off, and that works, too. Puts you back to sleep in no time

            Written on June 4, 2013 by ButterBeliever in Alternative Medicine, Metabolism Matters

      • Kitty says

        I take a cup of this at night: I mix himalayan salt and glutamine powder, stir, and drink with my thyroid meds just as I turn out the light. Since starting 2 weeks ago, I have been sleeping through the night, so I’m psyched! (I’m a middle of the night insomniac and sometimes can’t get back to sleep from 2am)

        I keep a cup with the powdered salt (sometimes with lemond juice) next to my bed.. When I wake up, I pour in some water, stir and drink. I don’t see any discerinbile effects from doing this, but I’ll keep it up. I used to take some sea salt before going out for pre-dawn walks, because I became so weak and tired. I figured I was salt depleted and taking the sea salt with glutamine helped me stay strong.

        I also have popcorn every day (adds fiber). I pop it with coconut oil and powdered himalayan salt. So I sure have a high salt intake. I’ll get myself a blood test soon to check my levels and compare them to prior tests.

        Interesting to me is that I don’t have swollen eyes from too much salt, so I’m not retaining fluids. I had some evil potato chips last week, and puffed up the next day. No more regular salt for me.

  2. crissy says

    I love my morning lemon water for many reasons but am interested in this too. Is this something that could be combined (adding the tsp of sole to the lemon water) or should the 2 be kept separate? Thank you!

  3. says

    Super interesting! I’ve never heard of salt water sole, but I have been told to add sea salt to my water before. How do you feel about Celtic Sea Salt? That is what I have been using for years.



  4. Melinda Vale says

    The most valuable information I received about rehydration came from a TV program a couple of decades ago (something on PBS). The program described an International Rehydration Formula, which consists of
    – 1 litre clean water
    – 1 pinch salt
    – 1 fist full of carbohydrate (powdered rice, unrefined sugar)

    The salt provides the electrolytes and the carbohydrate (sugar) encourages the cells to hold on to the water. A formula that consisted of only water and salt simply flushed through the cells. The formula was developed to assist aid-workers in countries where children were dying of dehydration in spite of having access to clean drinking water.

    • says

      I agree that adding a bit of carbohyrdate/sugar is awesome for dehydration. Especially for severe dehydration from illness or extreme sweating. However, just drinking water with sea salt sole is bebeficial as well for all of the reasons that I mentioned above. It DOES NOT just flush through you. If you are dehydrated in any hospital, a saline solution is what is given first thing to rehydrate your cells. I find that I pee a lot less when I add sole to my water in the morning versus drinking just plain water, which WILL flush right through. Thanks for posting the rehydration recpe. It’s good for folks to know, especially if traveling and you get sick. :)

  5. says

    Thanks for this! We have been trying to drink lots of fluids since the weather has been hot but it just didn’t seem healthy to me to have our bodies working overtime to eliminate. Very informative!

    • says

      Your intuition was right! Adding a bit of sea salt sole will help with hydration more effectively than guzzling tons of water. Like I said above, it’s like watering a bone dry houseplant. It pours right out of the bottom. The little bit of salt helps your body hold onto the water.

  6. Andrea says

    I am so excited to find your blog so much information, so much to learn. I have just ordered my sea salt can’t wait till it gets here.

  7. Michael Nelson says

    If this Is all true? Why will Sea water KILL you, If you drink It? Is Sea water not natural, and considering you will NOT float In the Ocean, like you will In the Great Salt Lake, It cannot be concentrated as heavy as your recipe? What would a daily Salt pill do instead of the FANCY “Sole”

    Thank You:

    • says

      if you drank lots of sea water, it would not be good for you. You would throw your electrolytes WAY off. Sea water is around 3.5% dissolved salts by weight. That’s about three times as salty as human blood. It’s too concentrated. What I am talking about here is a teaspoon of sole in a glass of water. The concentration is much more dilute and more similar to the electrolyte balance of your body. And the reason I make the sole is that when the salt dissolves in the water, it becomes more absorbable due to the bonds the salt and the water make. Taking straight, dry salt is not the same thing. :)

      • tj says

        Thanks. I was going to ask how it is used and you just answered it. I’ll start tonight and soon be able to put a tsp of Sole in a glass of water. Is once a day enough or do we need more minerals?

        • says

          Once a day is usually good. My Ayurvedic teacher recommended a little sole around 3-4pm when people usually reach for stimulants if you are really busy and taxed. It’s a personal thing. We are all different, and our needs change constantly. Let your tongue tell you if you need it. If it tastes really salty, you don’t need it.

      • Beef Walker says

        Katja, this is bollocks – honestly.
        Now I’m not saying we don’t NEED salt, I use a lot (I’m paleo/slow carb and also a big fan of Chris Kresser) but I know that any salt I eat dissolves with the water content of my food and is perfectly bioavailable,

        Adding some salt to a glass of water and letting it dissolve is EXACTLY the same as raking some ‘sole’ and adding IT to a glass of water.

        This is utterly science devoid malarky. Sorry, you seem sweet and well intentioned but this is as daft as it gets.

        Yours, BW

        • Beef Walker says

          Oh and mineral rich salt?
          Sorry, there’s no such thing (unless the mineral you’re talking about is sodium chloride).
          The minerals in the scam that is Himalayan Pink Salt (mined with dynamite!) are there in ‘trace’ quantities.
          I get thousands of time more of these trace minerals in any single meal of the day.

          • says

            The main minerals in unrefined sea salt — in addition to chloride and sodium — are magnesium, sulfur, potassium, calcium and bromine, which match the mineral composition of seawater. Most of these minerals exist in micro-doses, in just the right proportion that you need for good health and longevity. Yes, you can get minerals from foods as well. But the sole is an added supplement to help us get more minerals. Our food supply has gotten depleted so we can all use as much help as possible. And I always recommend sourcing your foods and supplements as sustainably as possible. Thanks for coming by! Have a sweet day! :)

          • says

            Before YOU open your mouth and decide something is “bollucks,” YOU need to do your homework/research/due diligence. If it’s such poppycock then why in the world would THE most respected and prestigious medical and scientific journal, The Lancet, explain the science behind how it works in the body (concerning the electrolyte transport and intracellular/extracellular exchange/s to maintain correct fluid balance.) Read the science behind it before you poo poo them, particularly when you are not in the healthcare profession. It’s easy to think it’s malarkey because it goes against the allopathic indoctrination that happens since birth to us all.

        • says

          You are totally entitled to your opinion. Sole is a super concentrated mixture of salt and water that allows the user to get a good dose every time. Yes, you can add it to your glass every time. But it works much better if it is completely dissolved and the mixture is super saturated. It is also much more convenient. I have seen sole work beautifully for many many many people. That is why I share the info. Have a lovely day!

        • Kitty says

          Beef Walker, good luck! Nobody is trying to get you to go against your belief system. But some of us have benefited by it. No need to try to convert you! Buh Bye.

    • Kitty says

      It’s not the alt in the seawater that is a problem. And a mouthful of it now and then never hurt _me_ I think the harm from sea water would occur if you:
      a. drink it in large volumee, or
      b. drink from contaminated area,.

      Remeber there are all sorts of living things in the sea, and people, fish, mammals and birds all poop into it, and many die. So, maybe it’s not the best salt water to intake.

      Stick with the Himalayan Sea Salt (or general Celtic Sea Salt)

  8. Lynn says

    Hey Katja,

    Can the sole be mixed in with my teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water? Thank you.

  9. Lara says

    Which tops via the recommended amazon website fit a quart glass container? Is it the regular size or the wide-mouth tops? Thanks so much.
    Does this work at all with a metal top or should I wait until I get the right plastic one?

    • says

      they have lids for both the regular and the wide mouth jars on Amazon. So if you use the wide mouth jars, you can get the bigger ones. If you click the link on my site, you van choose which ones you want. Here is the link again——> http://amzn.to/12yml58
      Hope that helped….

      • Lara says

        Thanks for your reply. When I used the metal top the water tasted super salty after 24 hours, but when I used the plastic one you recommend the water didn’t taste like anything other than water after 24 hours. So now I am confused! It is supposed to taste super salty, right? Should I stick with the metal top since for some reason the other didn’t perhaps work? Thanks for your advice.

        • says

          Not sure what happened, but the plastic top would not have affected the salt sole. Metal reacts with salt so should be avoided. I changes the polarity of the solution. I keep a plastic cap on my sole, but it never touches my sole because I don’t shake it up. I just use a wooden spoon to take out my daily dose. Did you fill the jar 1/4- 1/3 up with salt, then add water, and it tasted like water after 24 hours when you put on the plastic cap?

          • Lara says

            Yes, I followed the directions and after 24 hours the glass bottle with the salt and water tasted only like water with the plastic cap. Since it tasted super salty with the metal cap should I go back to using that? I wonder if the metal cap is lined with something else and somehow it worked better that way? Thanks.

          • says

            Are you saying that the ENTIRE jar with 1/4 salt and added water tastes like plain water after 24 hours. That seems impossible???? If you added salt to the jar, then added water, it should be pretty salty. Maybe I am misunderstanding you. Do you mean that the tsp of sole that you added to your water in the morning tasted like plain water? Then just add more sole. The cap has nothing to do with the salty taste. You just need more sole. Add enough sole into your glass of water until it tastes pleasantly salty, not too salty. Your body’s needs change daily do go with what your tongue tells you. I recommend avoiding all metal because it reacts with the salt.

    • Linda says

      I bought my plastic lids at Walmart during canning season. I’m not sure if they have them this winter, but they had both regular and wide-mouth sizes.

  10. Toki says

    I’m going to try this. But I have one question. Do I shake the jar before taking out my teaspoon dose? Or do I want the “stuff” to sit on the bottom of the jar and carefully spoon out my teaspoon dose?

    • says

      Once the your solution has been sitting for 24 hours and no more salt will dissolve in the water, there is no need to shake the jar. Just spoon out what you need in the morning. Once the water level gets low, you can start again by adding more salt and water until no more salt will dissolve. :)

      • kristen says

        what is the difference in using salt water sole in a cup of water vs. just putting some of the salt directly into the cup of water?

        • says

          The sole is a concentrated salt solution that is completely saturated so you know that you are getting a good dose of minerals and electrolytes. The chemical combo of the dissolved salt in the water is highly absorbable by your body. You could just add salt to water each day but it is not guaranteed that it will dissolve completely by the time you consume it. The sole also helps you get your daily dose JUST RIGHT as your needs change every day so you can add as little or as much as you need. It is a very convenient way to take this supplement. Hope that helps. :)

      • Bridget says

        I have a question, my blood pressure is low 90/60 and my doctor has told me to add salt to my diet. I am active and drink alot of water, would sole help me or would it cause my blood pressure to drop more?

        • says

          I do not see a reason for your BP to drop more with sole. My guess is that you are chronically dehydrated. Even though you drink plenty of water, without the minerals and electrolytes in it, your body cannot hold onto it. It’s like watering a super dry plant. The water just runs out of the bottom of the pot. I would definitely give sole a try. Start with a bit in the morning. You can also do a bit in the afternoon too. Hope that helps.

  11. says

    My friend just linked this on FB. I am excited to try it, as I already only use Himalayan pink salt and I always feel thirsty, even though I drink a TON of water every day. I’ll have to let you know how it goes. :)

  12. Nerissa says

    Do you think this would be beneficial to pregnant ladies, or harmful? I’d obviously discuss with my doctor but wondering if you have any information on this as he may not have even heard of this before.

    • says

      I can’t give medical advice but I can say that I use sole through my last pregnancy. Staying hydrated and keeping my minerals/electrolytes balanced was important as I had quite a bit of morning sickness the second time around. My body was very clear with me about when I needed it and when I didn’t. If it was really salty tasting, I didn’t need it. Other times it was very mild, so I drank it. BTW, my guess is that most western docs have not heard of salt water sole and pregnant women are still being told to lay off the salt. Western medicine is sorely lacking in proper nutrition education. Blessings on your baby!

      • Stephanie H. says

        FWIW, Dr. Tom Brewer, whose diet is recommended by The Bradley natural childbirth method, recommended that pregnant women salt their food to taste. To my knowledge, his diet is the only diet recommended during pregnancy that has thousands of women who successfully avoided pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, a condition typically associated with high blood pressure.

        • says

          YES! I have read much about pre-eclampsia and diet. I believe that salt intake has an impact. As does the quality and quantity of protein that you eat. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Kelly says

    When you have used all the water from the sole jar, do you discard the salt at the bottom and start over with fresh salt, or do you add more salt to it?


    • says

      I just keep going a time or 2. I add more salt to fill about a 1/3 of jar and add fresh water. I do start all over after a couple of rounds. Not really sure why but it’s what I do.

  14. Kelly says

    Another question… what about just drinking beet kvass? Although it doesn’t have as much salt in it as the sole, wouldn’t the salt and minerals from the beets be ionized in the same way?
    Thank you for the article!


  15. Kelly Rothenberger says

    Excited to try this- question though….I take a perscription water pill due to some excess natural water retention that I have. Do you think this will still be effective for me? I do my best to stay away from table salt.

    • says

      I can’t really say how this will affect you because I do not know what is actually causing your water retention. The body naturally keeps the fluid balance in your body correct when everything is functioning properly. My first thought is always sluggish lymph when I see water retention. So getting the lymph moving is key, meaning dry brushing, etc. But hard to say without knowing more. :)

  16. Coleen says

    I just learned about sole last week. I ordered a salt lamp and some himalayan pink salt as well. I have alot of health problems and like to do natural things. I have my sole in glass jar with a glass lid. I have only used 2 teaspoons so far, however i used a metal teaspoon. Did this ruin sole? Also it did not taste salty at all so I think I need more than a teaspoon daily. I swear I do feel better. I like the idea of taking it late afternoon as well and will try that. Thanks a bunch! Coleen

    • says

      Sounds like you are on the right track. It’s best to avoid metal with the sole as it reacts negatively with the salt. I use a wooden spoon. Good luck on your journey to health! :)

  17. Jennifer says

    Thank you for this info. I have really upped my water intake over the last six months and seen good things come from it, but I do sometimes feel like it is just passing right through me. I have mixed my sole tonight and am letting it sit.

    I have two questions: Do you only add sole to your water one time in the morning, the rest of the day you just drink plain water? And, is there any reason I can’t use a plastic spoon? I know plastic is questionable on other levels, but I don’t have any wooden spoons, so is plastic a decent alternative?

    • says

      I drink my sole in the morning. And if I am feeling dry or going to be exercising or sweating, I will add a titch to my glass water bottle. I drink some plain water too. Wooden or ceramic spoons are the best, but if all you have is plastic, it should be fine. Just don’t leave it sitting in your jar of sole. I think it’s great that you are seeing good things happening in your body. Hopefully the sole will help you hold onto some of that water. We don’t need as much water as we have been told we do. It’s important not to be too dilute. :)

  18. albion says

    My dear, you state that one of the minerals in sole is sulfur and that it helps eczema.. Can you elucidate a little on this, please…I have been taking salt in water for a while now but did not know this benefit….. Thanks in advance….Albion.

    • says

      The curative properties of sulfur:

      -Has inflammation-reducing properties and the ability to improve overall circulation of bodily fluids.
      -Disinfects blood by protecting the protoplasm found within red blood cells against toxins—sulfur is found in hemoglobin.
      -Stimulates the secretion of bile that is necessary for the proper breakdown (metabolism) of toxic substances.
      -Stimulates collagen formation, making the skin structurally stronger and better equipped to handle short intervals of dryness.
      This is the source of my info—> http://www.skincareguide.com/article/eczema-natural-treatment-sulfur.html

      So awesome that you were drinking the salt water before you knew why it was good for you! :)

  19. Tammy says

    So glad I came across this. I’ve given up all drinks except water and I’ve been drinking 3-4 quarts per day. I’ve noticed that I have to “go” quite a bit and I am always thirsty. I rarely salt anything, but I have a lot of Himalayan Pink that I use when I do salt. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to trying the sole. I just have to get a plastic lid and wooden spoon. :)

    • says

      Yes, the minerals should help you hold on to the water a bit more. I would experiment with drinking a bit less water and see how you feel. Remember that unrefined salt is REALLY good for you. I salt my food to taste, and definitely notice that I crave more at times. I honor that in my body. Let me know how it turns out. :)

  20. nechama says

    The salt and water lowers my sugar in the am when i wake up already low…as most of us are, how do you get around that?

    • says

      I wonder if eating a snack with fat, protein, and carbs would help you to not be so low in the morning. Our bodies need fuel even when resting and repairing. I find I sleep better if I have a snack at night. You could also just eat a piece of fruit in the morning if you need it. Or a few nuts? Or some yogurt? :)

  21. Sam says

    Hi Katja! found your website and am so happy I did!! thanks for sharing such wonderful and insightful info :)
    I was wondering how much water you would consume throughout the day once you start this regime with sole.
    would you only be drinking water when you’re thirsty? or would you still be drinking the standard, recommended 8 cups of water, but with less trips to the restroom?

    • says

      I don’t think that everyone necessarily needs 8 glasses of water a day. I think drinking to thirst is a good way to go. Personally, I drink way less, especially in cooler weather. When it is warmer, my body is naturally thirsty so I drink more. It’s a personal thing we have to discover for ourselves. It’s good to experiment with less water and see how you feel. Remember that fruits and veggies contain water too. As do other beverages and soups. So you may be getting more than you think. I do notice that when I drink my sole, my need to pee is less. My body is morein balance.

  22. Steve says

    What is the difference – or is there a difference – between drinking sole and drinking clean ocean water? I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking sole now, which I love, and am traveling to Fiji this week, for six weeks. Take salt with me to make sole, or just drink some of the ocean water on the remote island I’ll be on? Any thoughts? Thanks very much.

    • says

      My concern would be the other pollutants in ocean water, especially after the tragedy in Japan. There is often sewage and other grossness dumped right into the ocean. I’ve seen it plenty on my travels. My suggestion would be to just take some good quality salt with you and sprinkle it in your water in the morning. Have an awesome trip!!

  23. KL says

    I remember the Water Cure author/doctor always recommended adding salt to his water recommendations! Has anyone experienced weight gain after adding sole to one’s daily routine?

    • says

      I cannot say enough about the hazards of drinking diet sodas. They have been linked to decreased kidney function (not good!) And to increased obesity. And to tooth enamel damage. And to bone loss. This is because the phosphoric acid in the soda causes calcium in your bloodstream to be excreted more quickly than normal through urine. Your bones then give up some of their calcium in order to keep the bloodstream calcium level constant. Also, most diet sodas are LOADDE with nasty GMO ingredients that have many negative health riskd. Plus you are supporting Monsanto when you buy these procucts.
      Dr. Mark Hyman also wrote in the Huffington Post recently about the dangers of artificial sweeteners:
      •Artificial sweeteners are hundreds to thousands of times sweeter than regular sugar, activating our genetically-programmed preference for sweet taste more than any other substance.
      •They trick your metabolism into thinking sugar is on its way. This causes your body to pump out insulin, the fat storage hormone, which lays down more belly fat.
      •It also confuses and slows your metabolism down, so you burn fewer calories every day.
      •It makes you hungrier and crave even more sugar and starchy carbs like bread and pasta.
      •In animal studies, the rats that consumed artificial sweeteners ate more, their metabolism slowed, and they put on 14 percent more body fat in just two weeks — even eating fewer calories.
      •In population studies, there was a 200 percent increased risk of obesity in diet soda drinkers.

      Sorry for the rant. As you can tell, I have a lot to say on this topic. Yes, drink the sole. Ditch the siet soda. Your bosy will thank you. :)

  24. Jyl says

    I’m a typ 2 diabetic, doing my best to get healthy. Lots of changes to my life stile. Have lost over 200 lbs over the years, working on the last little bit. I have found my body is lacking just about everything :( I’m looking forward to trying this out. I hope it will help me hold on to the things my body needs & not pee them out! Thanks so much, I’ll give this a honest try.

    • says

      How awesome that you are on your way to good health. It’s a journey for us all, for sure! I love sole for helping to balance out the body’s minerals. I used to pee a lot before I started this. I used to think it was a good thing but then I learned that about sole. I drink it every morning, just a titch. My tongue tells me what I need. I also have abit sometimes in the afternoon if I am having a slump or needing a pick me up. Let me know how it goes! :)

  25. Darla says

    Just found your post on FB and am excited to try this. Been fighting adrenal exhaustion for years and recently stopped drinking ALL sodas. I agree with your take that we are told to drink too much plain water. Your sole blend calls for filtered water but where I live the water is fluoridated. I am working on saving up for a filter system. But in the mean time I have been looking at other ways to get clean water. About the only affordable way to do this is distillation, but this leaves you with “dead” water. Would adding the sole correct this? (I’ve read that there are remineralization supplements to add to distilled water do bring back it’s “life”. Is this the same concept?) is there anything else you might recommend? Thanks!

    • says

      Drinking clean water is important but I don’t know if distilled water is the best choice. Adding the salt would definitely add to the mineral content of the water, but not sure it’s enough. If you do decide to do the distilled water, I would check into remineralizing it. I have really heavy well water at my house and we have a RO filter on it. I go back and forth with remineralizing it or not. I add the sole in the morning to add to my mineral intake. Wishing you speedy healing and lost of rest. As you know, adrenals need lots of sleep! :)

  26. Mehul says

    Hi Katja

    Just been researching about the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt. I bought some yesterday and the packet suggested that I create a Sole mix, and that’s how I came across your page. I play sports and frequently struggle with muscle cramping and I’m hoping this could be a cure. How could I use this to help?


    • says

      Salt water sole will help your body stay more hydrated and balanced. It can also balance out your minerals and electrolytes. I use it in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon if I have exercised a lot or need a little boost. Having a bit before playing sports could be useful for cramping. Also be sure to stretch before exercising. Your muscles need to warm up. :)

  27. Ann says

    I have been drinking 7-8 glasses of filtered water w/ 1/8 tsp Celtic sea salt added daily-
    Even doing this, I still occasionally have a problem with mild dehydration , as well as not always feeling in a balanced state-
    I Also have occasional heart palpitations , and periods of very rapid heart beats- particularly first thing in the am, or even earlier !
    Will the salt sole help with these issues?
    Thank you!

    • says

      It’s hard to say how it will affect you because I don’t know your particular health history. Salt water sole does balance out electrolytes and minerals. I just don’t why you are having heart issues. The sole certainly won’t hurt. And it definitely is a great place to start. :)

  28. Geraldine says

    Hi Katja
    I drink herbal infusions I make and I’m now wondering if they are diluting my system? could I add a teaspoon (or to taste) of sole to it ? So my herbal infusion is very concentrated herbal tea I rotate my herbs daily, I pour one quart of boiling water to about a cup of dried herb. Let it sit overnight then strain. I drink it cold or hot. What do you think would this be diluting my body and could adding sole work for it?

    • says

      I think herbal infusions are great. How much are you drinking? I think drinking a quart of liquid a day is OK as long as you are not drinking TONS of water also. You could try starting your day with a small glass of sole upon waking and see how you feel. :)

  29. Geraldine says

    A quart would be my maximum but not every day- some days half a quart so in the week I’d say I’d drink around 3-4quarts.. And it’s my water intake as I don’t enjoy plain water (along with oj and milk)

    I am unsure if the herbal infusions would be diluting in which case would drinking a cup of sole help to hydrate? but being mineral rich would it be considered an electrolyte drink that’s not diluting to the system?

    Other thing is how much sole water would you suggest drinking in a day? Does it depend on how diluted one gets?

  30. Davinderpal says

    Hi Katja How are you doing. I am diabetic since last 15 years and had been treating it with all natural resources but recently it has gone up to fb 15 and my doctors has recomended me to take janumet 50/1000mg twice daily. I have started this couple of days ago but I do not want to carry on with this. So I have found this sole thing and I have already started taking it since last three days and now with this do not pee a lot like before and I stay dehydrated as well but my mouth gets dry and than I take water. So tonight I have added more himalayan salt to it cos it was not very salty. With the medicene it has side effects which gives me upset stomach and feels like vomitting. So please advise should I keep drinking this as usual everyday and see how it goes. So please help me what else I can do for maintaining healthy sugar. Thanks

  31. René says

    Should one reconsider the amount of salt used when cooking when they add this to their morning regime?
    I tend to like it more on the salty side, using only quality salts, or would that change?


    • says

      I am a big believer in letting the tongue tell you how much salt that you need. If you are drinking a small glass of salt water sole per day, I think it is reasonable to continue salting your food to taste. I wonder if your taste for salt will decrease a bit once your body starts getting what you need in the morning from the salt water sole? Would love to hear how it goes. :)

  32. Davinderpal says

    Hi Katja Thanks for responding to my comments. I will check out the website and let you know how i am doing and write now I will keep doing the sole water and see what happens. Thanks

  33. Thomas says

    So, I follow the link to the Grey sea salt and on the package it states that it does not contain iodide, a necessary nutrient. Did you find a different grey sea salt that contains iodine? Just curious.

    • says

      I do not believe that sea salt in general is a good source of Iodine. This is what I read about that:
      ” Celtic Sea Salt® has a naturally occurring, trace amount of iodine at around 0.68 parts per million. Even though it is an important mineral component, our salt is not considered a significant source of daily iodine. However, it is an all-natural, pure source of iodine that is quickly absorbed and stored in your body! Doctors who recommend non-iodized salt for their patients refer them to Celtic Sea Salt® brand.

      You may want to research the process of how other salts are iodized. A salt labeled as “Iodized” typically means that is was chemically added to the salt, possibly using an additive to bind the iodine to that salt. Thus, it is a misnomer that salt alone is a high source of iodine. Our Celtic Sea Salt® Gourmet Seaweed Seasoning contains 350 mcg of Iodine per ¼ tsp. This is our version of a truly natural, iodine rich sea salt.”

      Hope that helps!

  34. Cindi says

    Very interesting article on the sole. I would like to try it. One question, though, if you drink a teaspoon of sole w/water, would you be getting too much salt when you salt your regular food? How much is too much?
    Thank you

    • says

      Drinking the sole in the morning will set you up to be balanced for the day. I recommend salting your food to taste throughout the day (with good quality unrefined salt.) Your tongue will tell you what you need. I love this way of monitoring your salt intake as you let your body tell you what you need. I notice that my taste for salt changes from day to day. I ususally salt my food AFTER it has been cooked just before I eat for that reason. Plus salt reacts with metal so if I am using my cast iron pans of stainless steel, I wait until the food is on my plate. :)

  35. Jenn says

    I just began drinking sole in the last week. I did my research through a book and subsequently decided to look online for further info. I am using Himalayan Pink Salt. I take meds for a sluggish thyroid and have for over 5 years. I know that iodine is important to people with these internal issues. Do you know if the Himalayan salt has natural iodine in it or not? I have seen a difference in my complexion as well as my energy levels.

    • says

      I did a bit of research and found that just one gram of Pink Salt contains approximately 500/mcg of iodine. More than unrefined sea salt. I am happy to hear that you are trying the sole. It has really helped me with my hydration AND my energy level. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  36. Nicole says

    Hi Katja
    Bit confusing all the type of salts there are. I have two questions:

    What about using pickling salt? (To my knowledge this is just sodium and chloride I think?)

    I have a sea salt that says on packet it’s 100% crystal sea salt with no preservatives or additives. That’s all, no mention of mineral content. Are we meant to use a salt that has minerals other than just sodium and chloride? Ive noticed most don’t offer this information so if it says sea salt I’m using it’s ok

    • says

      I do not recommend using a salt with only sodium and chloride. It causes imbalances in the body. The body needs all the minerals in REAL, urefined salt. That is why unrefined sea salt is so great. It is so rich in minerals. I am not sure which sea salt that you have. I would recommend getting one that says unrefined. You can usually google the company’s name or the salt’s name and find more info. Does that help?

  37. Ram says

    I drink about 8 to 10 glasses of clean water all day, so do I need to add Sole every time I drink water or only once in the morning and once in the afternoon like you do? Please advice

    • says

      The sole is just for the morning. You may find that you don’t need to drink as much water if you are doing the sole. Too much water can over-dilute your electrolyte balance. I sometimes add a titch of sole to my water in the afternoon if I’m feeling like I need a pick me up or if I feel dry. Hope that helps. Thanks for coming by, Ram.

  38. Ram says

    Thanks Katja. I found Matt Stone’s Eat to Heat book on audible.com for free with a 30 day trial signup for those interested in reading this book, I can tell you all it sounds crazy what he suggests to eat to someone who eats organic and have read many natural health books, however it is refreshing to read something out of the box.

    Katja, what kind of breakfast do you eat along with the Salt Sole in the morning?

  39. kori says

    Hi. I love your site. Thanks so much. My question is, I exercise first thing in the morning. I take a 32 oz water jug with me and at the end of my workout I have drank it all. Would that affect putting the sole in it? Thanks :)

    • says

      I sometimes add my sole to my water bottle if I am going to be sweating/exercising. This helps replace some of the electrolytes that I am losing. Just be sure that it is not a metal container as the salt reacts with metal. I use a glass water bottle. :)

  40. Rachel says

    Hi! I just made this and have had it for 3 mornings in a row, and have noticed that I have swelling in my hands and feet now. I used Himalayan Pink salt, so does the swelling mean that the himalayan salt I am using might not be pure? Or is swelling normal in any way at first as my body adjusts to the sole? Thanks!

    • says

      Rachel- It’s hard to say what is going on. Unrefined salt does not cause water retention. It should help your body to balance your fluids. It’s the isolation of sodium and chloride that traps water in the tissues. My question would be if you had any other medical conditions that affect your circulation? You could also switch to a mineral-rich unrefined sea salt. Let me know if I can answer any other questions.

      • Rachel says

        Thanks so much, I will try and remake the sole using different salt, and see if that makes a difference. I wasn’t too sure of the brand name I originally used, so I will go with one that I know is quality and see what difference that makes. Thanks again!

    • says

      I use a fine ground unrefined sea salt. It dissolves more easily. As for kiddos, I would do 1/2 the dose for older kids and 1/4 dose for little ones. They will usually tell you if it’s too much. Let the tongue tell you. My toddler sips off of my morning sole all of the time and loves it. :)

  41. says

    THANK YOU! for your post. I was so intrigued by the effects of sole I bought Matt Stone’s book and have been learning a lot of great things. I had been for about 1 week and a half drinking my half my body weight in oz. of water with sea salt added, fresh lime juice and some green stevia. This was a salt water cure for the kidney’s. Now I realize that as I am hypothyroid I am taking in too much water and need more of the five S’s (salt, sugar, starch and saturated fat). Perfect timing to learn this. I have to comment the changes in my body only in one week or so of ingesting more salt: I pee less often during the day, no more migraines, I do not crave carbs or sugars in the afternoon, I took Matt’s advice and added more of the Five S’s to my dinner now there is no more insomnia and no more melatonin before bed. Thanks again!

    • liveaboard says

      I also am hypothyroid and most current research states an ounce per pound minus 20% for the water we get from our food. Where did you here that you must take less cuz you are hypo? Ive been using sea salt for months with great results. I put 1 teaspoon in a gallon that I drink all day. Im now trying lemon/lime water to help with pH. Here’s a link to a letter from the CDC stating NO link between salt and high blood pressure or heart disease, none.

      Optimum hydration with optimum pH, good luck and be well.

  42. JackieD says

    I was wondering if I could just take a tsp of the sole followed by 8 oz. of water as salty water makes me want to gag?

    • says

      I think that would be the same as drinking the sole in water. It just will be REALLY salty! And I like to taste the water daily to adjust how much salt I need for the day. But I get it. I know other folks who gag with salty water.

  43. David says

    Hi Katja,

    I have been researching water and minerals for several months and hope you can help clarify a few things – I’m pulling my hair out on this topic :-)

    1. I have heard that salt contains inorganic forms of minerals which the body cannot absorb and has to dispose of. Only minerals from plant and/or animal sources are in an organic form which the body can absorb. Is this true?

    2. Why are we using sole water to obtain our minerals? Should we not aim to get our minerals from foods (plants and animals)?

    I would love to hear your views.


    • says

      Hi, David. I have never heard that about salt. Salt has been used in the medical field for ages as a rehydration and volume builder. It works great. Have you ever been dehyrated and needed fluids. A salt solution does wonders. The body responds well to salts. A mineral is a mineral is a mineral, is what I think. Do you have some research that you are basing this on.

      And about #2. I agree that food should be our main way to get nutrients. The sole is a supplement. Due to depleted soil, improper diets, and health issues, many of us have become mineral deficient. The sole can just give you a little help in that department. Does that make sense? Let me know if you have other questions… :)

  44. Christine says

    I have to take pills for epilepsy every day. They cause my sodium levels to drop. Will drinking sole raise my sodium levels? Himalayan Pink salt ok?

  45. Andrea says

    Hello! I’m having hard time finding Celtic salt; I’ve only found sea salt which is from the Mediterranean. Is there a big difference? It says unrefined so the minerals are still there. Also, can I use a plastic spoon until I get a wooden one? I covered the jar with plastic wrap until the plastic lid arrives but I’m anxious to try! Thank you so much!!

  46. Theresa Maher says

    Hello I wonder if you can help me I have put my pink Hymaylas christal salt into a glass jar with lid. I added my water. its been five days my chrystal are not dissolved put the water is very salty and I have been adding the salty water with my 80z fresh water each morning. I have started to feel the benefits but just wondered if this was ok firstly that its in a glass jar and secondly the chrystals still have not dissolved.

    Thank you

    • says

      The crystals will take longer to dissolve. I use a fine grain salt for this reason. They will eventually dissolve. I always have some undissolved salt as water can only hold so much salt. And yes, the glass jar is perfect. I use a quart mason jar with a plastic lid.

  47. Marilyn says

    You recommend taking sole on an empty stomach. How long should one wait before eating or drinking anything else?

      • Kimberly says

        Waiting is critical. When taking your sole on an empty stomach, DON’T follow it with a cup or your morning coffee. Coffee and some teas are highly acidic and will cancel out the Sole. Give it a good 20-30 minutes so your body will absorb the minerals. Many people miss this point.

  48. Manon says

    I dont agree with “drink only when you’re thirsty” I use to do that and always wondered why I was chronically tired and had headache. Now I drink lots of water (not always with salt) and have much more energy and less headaches. I use to pooh-pooh the “drink lots of water” mantra, but I have found it to be true…. Drink water, period!

    • says

      Yes, we need our water. I was speaking to the modern craze of guzzling tons of water to flush ourselves clean. It has been my experience that if we pay attention to our bodies, we will know when we need water. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better. :)

  49. Flossie says

    Hi Katya. Great website and info. My question is could I take my glass of sole to bed and drink
    upon wakening or would that not have the same effect as taking straight from the jar.

  50. Peggy says

    Interesting. I’ve been drinking sole for about a month now. I used half Celtic and half Himalayan (because I had a little of each in the cupboard). The Himalayan all dissolved, and all that is left in the bottom of my jar now is the Celtic. I’m wondering if I should add only Himalayan to what is left for my next batch or if I should toss the leftover salt and start again. I wonder if there are some minerals that are more water-soluble than others, and would dissolve out of the salt first.

    One huge thing has changed: the loose stools (Bristol 6-5) I’ve had for years have changed (Bristol 4). I went on a recent trip and didn’t bring my sole and after a week, I was back up at 5 again. All I can figure is that I have an ongoing mineral deficiency the sole is correcting.

    • says

      So glad to hear that you are starting to see positive changes. About the sole, water can only hold so much salt. So once you reach the saturation point, no more can dissolve. I always have undissolved salt in the bottom of my jar as I like to make sure my sole is super concentrated. It’s interesting that the pink completely dissolved. The celtic probably has way more minerals that didn’t dissolve before you hit the saturation point. When I make a new batch, I just add to the old batch. You can use either celtic or pink. Celtic is more nourishing. Pink is more cleansing. I do toss out the end of my sole after 3 or four rounds just to start fresh. Hope that answers your question. Let me know if you have any more. :)

  51. Kerrie says

    Hi wondering why you can’t just add the salt to the water in the morning instead of it sitting in a jar. I use the pink salt have done for a while is the celtic salt better. I use the pink salt in everything all my cooking is this good ? Thanks Kerrie

    • says

      The sole is just a super concentrated, already dissolved solution that is makes the minerals readily accessible to your body. Pink salt is great. I just prefer the celtic grey. Pink is more cleansing while the grey Atlantic is more nourishing.

  52. Kristen says

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced weight gain after starting the Sole… I have been doing this since November and have gained about 10 lbs. without changing my diet from before starting… It makes me feel wonderful so I guess I will need to work on getting to the gym more often!

    • says

      I have not heard of anyone having a weight gain issue. Unrefined salt does not make you retain water. Weight gain happens for many reasons. Really hard to say without knowing you, Kristen. But exercise is always good. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  53. Nancy Boitos says

    Hello, Great article & info! Thank you! I bought Matt’s book, looking forward to reading it. In the mean time, I’m going to get started on sole. I know I am very deficient in minerals (especially trace) & was recently looking into buying a supplement. Do you think I would even need another supplement along with the sole supplement? Nancy

    • says

      I love Matt’s book. Let me know what you think. Can I ask why you think that you are so deficient in trace minerals? I think that sole is a good place to start. The other thing that is great for minerals is real homemade bone broth. Full of minerals and really good for you. Easy to make at home. The only mineral supplement that I take is magnesium. I take it before bed for better sleep. This is the one that I use—–> http://amzn.to/151kCas I hope that answers your question.

  54. Nicole says

    Hi! I just started this also, for a week already . I havnt changed the way I eat. I use My fitness pal, so I know my diet as been the same and my exercise is the same and I too gained weight. 1 1/2lbs in a week?!? I stopped today and will see if I drop the water weight, Im hoping thats what it is. Seems odd to me.

    • says

      Hi, Nicole. My body fluctuates a pound or two all of the time. I actually ditched the scale at my house and pay attention more to how I feel than how much I weigh. Were you feeling bloated or puffy? Wondering if your body needed some extra fluids to be hydrated enough. The salt water sole is used to bring your body into equilibrium. I wouldn’t give up on the sole. Vital health is more than a number on the scale. I would love to hear how it goes. Thanks so much for coming by. :)

      • Wendy Bowles says

        Hi Katja,
        Thank you so much for posting this information. I have been told I am severely dehydrated yet have been drinking 10 glasses of water or more per day for years. I also struggle with body fat percentage & was told that it could be related to my dehydration. Also, I urinate all the time and would like to stop the nighttime urination which affects me getting good sleep. Plus my cholesterol & blood pressure is always on low side. I have been putting electrolytes in water. I finally came up with the idea that maybe my body wasn’t absorbing the water and maybe adding salt would help. I also read that reason for nighttime urination could be aldosterone levels being out of whack & that adding salt to diet could correct. So, I went online to find out when and how to get this salt into me, since drinking salt water isn’t pleasant and am so excited to find your post as it is exactly what I needed. Thanks again so much, and I will get started after I get the mason jar & lid and report back to you my results.

  55. Nicole says

    Hi, I love reading all of your health posts. I have really annoying acne around my mouth and I’m trying all the natural health options before resorting to chemicals/medication to clear them up-you mention drinking sole can help skin, do you think the pink Himalayan salt or the Celtic salt would be better for break outs? Also, which specific brands do you recommend? Also, I’ve been reading about MSM crystals, what are your thoughts on that topic? Thank you so much!

    • says

      Hi, Nicole. Yes, sole is good for the skin For many reasons including hydration and hormone balance. Either salt would be fine. The celtic is more nourishing while the pink is more cleansing. Maybe start with the pink hem transition to the grey. See what your body responds to. For specific brands, just click the links in the post.
      I don’t know much about MSM crystals so I cannot really comment. Thanks so much for coming by!

    • Sam says

      Nicole I don’t know if this is the case for you but I’ve read in a lot of places that acne around the mouth can be due to fluoride and that when people who suffer from this stop drinking tap water or using toothpaste with fluoride in it (or anything else that has fluoride in it) the acne around the mouth clears up quickly. Again I don’t know if this is relevant for you but this is from sources where people are using all natural health options to help with their acne or other skin problems and eating right and yet still having problems with acne around the mouth so it may be something to consider!

      • says

        good thought, Sam. Acne around the mouth is also traditionally thought of as hormonally related. Skin issues can be tricky to figure out. We are all so different.

  56. Karlene Harris says

    I’ve been drinking sole for ~2 months The 1tsp/8oz water was sufficient. After 2days I noticed I needed 2tsp. Now the last week am needing 6-8tsp of sole. I’ve not read of anyone using so much. Am using pink Himalayan salt. What does this mean ‘re. my body’s need for the nutrients? I have rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

    • says

      Hi, Karlene…. Are you saying that you needed more and more because it doesn’t taste salty to you? 6-8 tsp of sole in 8 ounces of water seems really salty. Did you start with your jar around 1/3 full of salt? Then let it sit in water for 24 hours. This lets the water get super concentrated. If after 24 hours all of the salt is gone, add more. I always have a bit of salt that is undissolved in the bottom of the jar so I know it is super concentrated. It is true that your body is telling you that you need more minerals if it starts tasting less salty, but I am wondering if your sole is not concentrated enough.

  57. Karlene Harris says

    Today I used 3tsp. I guess I can trust my body. The benefits have been numerous. Your website is so informative. Thank you

  58. Tessin says

    Most articles I have read warn not to let the salt come in contact with metal, but I have never seen a reference or explanation of how or why that could be a problem. I understand that salt will corrode metal over time, but I don’t understand how the characteristics of the salt could be affected by contact with metal, especially if it is brief and no corrosion even occurs, as with the use of steel grinding/crushing plates. Signs of a chemical reaction are:
    Change in Temperature
    Change in Color
    Noticeable Odor (after reaction has begun)
    Formation of a Precipitate
    Formation of Bubbles

    There seems to be no sign of chemical reaction in the salt in this situation that I can see. It just doesn’t seem chemically possibly that anything really happens to the salt when it touches metal. Maybe you can help me understand why it is warned against.


    P.S. I am very hopeful that the sole will be beneficial, I just don’t ‘get’ that particular warning.

    References: http://chemwiki.ucdavis.edu/Analytical_Chemistry/Qualitative_Analysis/Chemical_Change_vs._Physical_Change

    • says

      It is my understanding that contact with metal changes the chemical composition of the salt water sole. When water combines with salt the positive ions of sodium surround the negative ions of the water molecules and the negative ions of chloride surround the positive ions of the water molecules. The other 82 mineral elements found in the salt also ionize and split into other complex ionized compounds. In this process the physical or geometrical, as well as the chemical structure of the salt and the water, is changed and a totally new structure is formed. Water is no longer water and salt is not salt anymore. It becomes a revitalizing and electrolyte tonic that is easy to absorb. What I have been told is that when metal comes in contact with the salt water sole solution, it changes this. Does that make sense? Not the most scientific explanation, I know. 😉

      The other reason for not using metal is that salt corrodes metal. Dry salt can sit on dry metal without it causing a chemical reaction – however when you add water to the equation everything changes and the chemical and physical reactions start to take place. When this happens it can release other metals and chemicals into the salt water as the metal lid (or metal spoon) starts to corrode.

  59. Stephanie says

    Hi Katja
    Tomorrow will be my first day beginning the sole. Can I drink the tsp with cold water or does it. have to be room temperature?

    • says

      It can be cold if you like. The reason it is recommended to drink your water at room temperature is that room temperature water is better assimilated by your body.

  60. Shirls says

    Almost every single time I have an 8oz glass of water I add 2 teaspns of sole.

    I would have about 4 – 6 glasses of water per day. Is this using too much sole? Is there a maximum amount you should have per day please?

    When I do distance running I use a 20oz bottle with 3 – 4 teaspoons of sole. This is brilliant to use as my electrolyte mixture. But again my concern is taking in too much in a day.

    I love the taste of sole and cant bear the thought of drinking straight water !! Bad habit maybe??

    Thanks for your info. Its very useful.


    • says

      So,the sole is not meant to be taken EVERY time that you have water. It is best taken in the morning when you first wake up to balance your body put and help rehydrate after the night of sleep. And of course after heavy exercise and sweating. My opinion is that taking sole 6 times per day is excessive (unless you are sweating excessively from heavy exercise) I think once or twice a day is reasonable. Hope that answers your question.

  61. Samantha says

    This sounds very interesting and makes sense….my question, I have been trying to detox with baths adding Epsom salts a few times a week, if I add this sol into my routine each morning is that ok or too much salt?

    Also I am within normal weight range however always have water retention in my legs/ankles, I was told once that I need to lower my salt intake. I know that if I eat too much seaweed snacks with salt on them I get heart palpitations….I only use Celtic sea salt and pink Himalayan salt nowadays but sometimes it just gets so confusing trying to figure out everything ourselves.

    • says

      Taking sole and doing epsom salts detox bath a couple times a week is fine. A high quality unrefined salt like celtic or Himalayan should not cause water retention. It is regular table sat which is comprised of only sodium and chloride that causes water retention due to mineral imbalance. If you are having a problem with water retention I would look for other sources of REFINED salt in your diet like anything boxed, canned, processed, or restaurant foods. Be aware that many condiments are heavily salted. Also, having a sluggish lymph system will allow for fluids to pool because they are not moving. Dry brushing and massage are good ways to get lymph moving. So is rebounding. I hope that answers your questions. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  62. Nicola says

    Hi Katya

    Can you help? I have been taking Sole for about 8 weeks using Pink Himalayan salt I do seem to have more energy but my skin is appalling. Very spotty with painful Cyst type lumps which take an age to heal. I’m in my fifties so not thrilled about this.

    I have been using Argan oil as a moisturiser for 12 months should I try something else or am I just detoxing?

      • Nicola says

        Thank you I will take a look at your suggestions I probably should have mentioned I’m from the UK so may be harder for me to source the books.

        Should I carry on taking the Sole?

        • Mel says

          I use coconut oil for my skin and find it wonderful and have a book on how it is suppose to cure (The Coconut Cure I believe is the name) just about all skin issues. I have also tried a few other things – sea salt and now trying adding the sole to a bath, along with tried baking soda – 2 cups worth, made my skin amazing – and also tried once, after hearing about it, adding/rubbing 1/4 cup of organic yogurt to my skin and leave it to dry on (it is AMAZING for the skin – although you smell a bit milky! – so I don’t do this every time, hehe), and I also make a morning tea – that I am trying to add the sole too, as I can’t drink too much every morning, of a tablespoon of methi seeds soaked in warm water overnight (fenugreek seeds) – great for many many things, I think hormonal help too, if I remember correctly, and I love researching and found it to have similar benefits as cod liver oil too (which is AMAZING), which I was ecstatic about, since I am vegetarian – anyhow, after about a year of coconut oil only for my skin, and never using soap on my face, I now also add to my regime (just feels good so i do – and it seems to help my complexion) – splashing my face with a tsp of this morning tea, for a refreshing way to gently wash my face, let it dry a bit, then add the coconut oil. Also, when I started playing around with drinking a bit of mineral water (which I am learning has good health benefits) I noticed an improvement for my complexion too – it is an exciting journey to learn healthier ways for ones skin and all! Good luck! :)

  63. Sam says


    So I’ve just read this post and I’m very interested in starting this but at the moment I’m travelling so I don’t have easy access to the right kind of salts etc but I do have a mineral solution that I drink every anyway which is a balanced mixture of minerals and trace minerals which you add to water and I was wondering if this has the same effect as water sole just in a pre made bottle? or is it not the same kind of thing?

    • says

      It’s hard to say without looking at the mineral solution that you have. Unrefined slats have naturally occurring minerals that your body absorbs easily. I would want to know what minerals are in your solution and where they come from.

  64. Paige says

    I have Morton natural sea salt already but don’t see anything on the label about unrefined. Is it unrefined because it’s natural or is that not the same. I’m excited to try this .

  65. Martin says

    You mentioned using filtered water. Can it be Reverse Osmosis water? If not, what type of filtered water do you suggest?

    • says

      RO water is fine. It is lacking in minerals but you are adding the minerals back in with the unrefined salt. You just want good, CLEAN water! :)

  66. katrina says

    Im totally on board with the Sole. However, silly as it sounds, I cant get past the saltyness of it. I really feel like this would benefit me a great deal. Any suggestions?

    • says

      Hi, Katrina! If it is unbearably salty, you may be taking too much. Try taking just a tiny bit in some water for a few days. Make it super mild. See how that goes. Then try increasing it slightly. I take just a titch some days and some days I take more because it doesn’t taste salty at all. Does that make sense?

  67. sotir says

    Hi Katja,
    I congratulate you for the fantastic job you have done, we thank you so much. I have removed my thyroid and I take every day in the morning a pill of 137 mcg of Synthroid. I’ m told to get calcium magnesium and other minerals after 4 hours of the Synthroid. Because of the Himalayan and Celtic see salt has calcium magnesium and about 80 other trace minerals, when you recommend me to take the sole. can I take it first thing in the morning together with the Synthroid? If possible, please respond to my e-mail address. It will be rely appreciated

  68. Rick says

    Hi , I’m wondering how this is any different from taking a similar amount of salt as you get in the sole and just stirring it in the water? So it would taste roughly the same.
    Thanks, nice blog

    • says

      The idea behind making the sole is that you are creating an ultra-concentrated solution that has a specific chemical composition that is easily absorbed by the body. You could dissolve salt each time but the sole ensures that the salt is completely dissolved. When completely dissolved, the positive ions of the salt surround the negative ions of the water molecules and vice versa, creating a totally new structure with an electrical charge that is more absorbable for the body. When ingested into the body, the electrical charge of the solution helps the body to send electrical signals from one cell to another and assists the kidneys in maintaining fluid balances in the body. Hope that helps. :)

  69. says

    Thank you for this post. I’ve been looking for a good how-to explanation for making sole. I really appreciate the pics and found the part about listening to your own taste buds particularly awesome! Body wisdom is truly amazing when it’s given a chance to talk!

    Love n Laughter!

  70. Melissa says

    Could I use Redmond Real Salt instead? That is all I have currently. I have heard that you have to be very wary of buying supoosed Celtic or Himlayan salts as some aren’t really these true salts they claim to be. I also heard that these salts can also contain things we DONT want like lead, etc. They sell Himalayan pink salt in my grocery store for about $7, but I’ve never bought it because I get worried its a knockoff and not the real thing.

    • says

      Hi, Melissa. Any unrefined salt will do. The salt you asked about will work just fine. You just want a salt that is unrefined and full of minerals.

  71. Tahira says


    • says

      hello! I am sorry but I cannot give you any medical advice. But I can say that all of your conditions are related, and you could most definitely benefit from seeing a Functional Medicine doctor. I find Functional Medicine to be a great approach to chronic illnesses. Hope that helps! :)

  72. Joy says

    Hello, I just made my first batch of sole yesterday and am excited to start using it. Two questions: I use a Multipure filter, but it doesn’t filter out fluoride — is this ok for the sole? My second question is: I initially shook up the sole using the Ball metal cap that comes with their jars. When I realized, I immediately put a piece of parchment paper between the sole and the metal cap — do I now need to throw out the entire batch and start over since I initially shook up the solution with contact to the metal cap?

    Thank you,
    Boston area

    • says

      Hi, Joy! So awesome that you are starting to make sole. I will try to answer your questions as best as I can. As far as he metal cap goes, that’s a hard one. Metal reacts with salt changing the sole. But I can’t really say if enough of the metal came into contact with your sole.The inside of the ball lid is not all metal. I always recommend using plastic lid for this reason. If it were me, I would just remake my sole, but that is just my opinion. About the fluoride, that’s another hard question. I am not a big fan of fluoride so I would not want it in my sole. But will it affect it, probably not. I did a bit of research and cannot find anything that implies that it would. My recommendation is to use the cleanest, most pure water you can for your sole. I hope that helps. Have a sweet day!

  73. suzie says

    Can I use a plastic spoon for measuring my daily Sole? Also I just made my first jar of Sole using an empty and cleaned out 16 oz glass jar w/ a plastic lid instead of 32 oz (1 Qt ) to start tomorrow. Hope this was ok?

    • says

      yes, plastic spoon is ok. And so is the 16 ounce jar. Would love to hear back about what you notice after taking the sole for several weeks. :)

    • says

      Since distilled water is stripped of all minerals, I am not sure if this means more of the salt would be needed for the same effect as if you used a good quality spring/filtered water or not or if remineralization of the distilled water would be recommended first. Perhaps someone reading here could better answer this. I’m sure you are fine to use the distilled but it may not be as potent, is my guess.

      • Thordis says

        Thank you, I believe you are right. My tap water has a reverse osmosis system under the sink so that is probably just as good as filtered water. I have got all I need now so I am ready to try.

  74. Anshu says

    I have been suffering from Gastritis since more than one year. It further causes in indigestion and several early morning vomiting tendencies in the morning. I also suffer from stomach burn. I’m losing weight as well.

    So, what I’m wanting to ask is does drinking salt water before sleep helps in reducing the gas or acid??

    Please Reply!

    • says

      I sounds like you have some digestive issues going on. Maybe low stomach acid (the biggest cause of heartburn). Maybe SIBO? Maybe gut infection? My recommendation would be to see a functional medicine doctor in your area and get tested for possible infections. Conventional medicine is not very good at identifying or treating digestive issues. If you cannot fine one in your area, I highly recommend this doctor—-> http://justinhealth.com/
      He is VERY knowledgeable on all these kids of things and sees people via phone or SKYPE. I do not think that salt water is the answer to your issues. Sounds like you may have something more serious going on. And it is totally treatable, if you find someone who knows about these things. I cannot give medical advice, but I would recommend seeing someone. Good luck!

      • Anshu says

        Thank you so much for your reply. I’m actually from Nepal. It lies in Asia. So, its hard to reach there rather I’ll talk to him via social networking sites. Anyways, really appreciated your advice. Hope to catch you later. Stay safe! :)

  75. Chris says

    Hi folks, I’ve been taking Sole for about 3mths now & biggest thing I’ve noticed is -no more leg cramps- bliss!!

  76. ron says

    When I eat food high in sodium my ankles, feet, fingers all swell up. How is this different? Won’t my body have the same reaction?

  77. Janice says

    Hi Katja,
    I have been drinking Sole water each morning now for about a week. I am noticing that I have more muscle twitching since starting it. Does drinking Sole increase the need for added potassium?
    Thank you,

    • says

      Hi, Janice! Salt water sole is often used to alleviate muscle cramping by improving minerals and hydration. Not really sure what the twitching is about. It does not deplete potassium. How are you feeling now?

  78. k says

    Just wondering if I can start with warm water for my sole, to help the salt crystals dissolve better…… I have some Himalayan salt w/ very large crystals & I thought warm water would work better (filtered water of course). Also — I’m assuming I can use the salt that is left over (undissolved) for cooking? Thank you!

    • says

      There is no need to use warm water but you definitely could if you wanted to. But you don’t want to remove the undissolved crystals out when making the sole. You leave them in and then you can top off the jar when it gets low. The undissolved crystals will them dissolve as the concentration gets lower. :)

      • k says

        Oh, I see, thank you. There are still a LOT of crystals in my jar, maybe I started w/ too much or the larger crystals don’t dissolve as well? I’ll have to see how it goes. Thanks!

  79. says

    I started drinking 1tsp of sole in a glass of filtered water each morning 30 min before breakfast. After starting this I noticed that I get really sluggish in the afternoons or early evening. And a few days later I started having pains in my stomach – it feels like I’m developing a stomach bug, but it never turns into anything. I’m wondering if I’m reacting to the Sole? Is this a form of detox maybe?

    • says

      I am not sure what is going on. It’s really hard to say if it is related. Whenever something like this happens, I stop doing whatever I am trying and see if symptoms go away. I then try again to see if the same thing happens. It’s all trial and error. I cannot think of any reason why sole would give you stomach pains? Let me know if you try it again.

  80. Issy says

    Hi Katja,
    I’m interested to know how you follow Matt Stone’s metabolic approach while eating grain free? I haven’t read his book but I understand he encourages carbohydrate consumption?
    I’ve been trying to implement Paleo eating over the past few weeks and was doing well until recently my thyroid seemed to be reacting badly and I had huge craving for carbohydrates that I couldn’t sate with just starchy veg and fruit, so I had to go with it. It reminded me of something a friend told me about Matt Stone’s view of metabolic health and thyroid. Anyway, if you have any thoughts I’d be interested…
    Looking forward to trying Sole! :-)

    • says

      Hi, Issy!
      I totally value what Matt says about carbohydrate consumption and health. I think he is right when it comes to thyroid health and many other health issues. I did have to stop eating grains because of a gut infection that I got. I still do not eat grains. I do, however, eat lots of starchy vegetables. I am hoping to get to the point where I can do the occasional white rice as well. I’m still on a gut healing diet that I will probably be on for quite some time. I don’t find grains to be an essential part of a healthy diet. Ad they can be hard on the gut. It’s all so individual. I know that I DO NOT do well on a low carb diet. I find that adding LOTS of fats to my diet curbs my carb cravings. I agree with Matt that our bodies need food. I eat liberally. I eat what makes me happy. But I do have to avoid certain things because of my gut issues. Hope that helps! :)

  81. niki says

    Hi ! This is a great article. In India we drink lemonade/limeade with natural unrefined cane sugar and a few pinches of pink salt.
    We drink this throughout the summer season. Its tasty and keeps you hydrated with all of the necessary electrolytes.

  82. Tina says

    You said to drink this on an empty stomach, but how long after can you eat and drink? I always have coffee and breakfast before I leave the house for work in the morning! Also, would it affect anything to take medication and supplements at the same time?

  83. lisa dresch says

    I have been drinking sole for a few weeks now. It is recommended for Adrenal Fatigue. I just had labs to check for heavy/toxic metals and my barium levels were alarmingly high/ off the charts! I am wondering how the heck did I get that much barium and if Himilayan salt could be a cause? Have you heard of this? Thanks for your response!

    • says

      Hi, Lisa. I did some research and cannot find any links to barium and pink salt. Barium contamination usually comes from contaminated ground water and occupational exposures. I wonder if you should get your drinking water tested?

    • Daisy says

      I’m interested to know your update. Sole is also good at ridding your body of heavy metals, so perhaps that was happening?

  84. jennifer says

    Is there a difference between adding sole or just adding the salt to water & stirring it instead?

    Are the benefits still the same?


    • says

      The sole is a super concentrated solution that will give you the best results. When you just add a bit of salt to water, it is not as concentrated and may not dissolve completely. I recommend making a sole to use daily.

  85. Omair says


    Excellent information, I have just recently started the sole water therapy and it is now my 10th day, I have however noticed that I am urinating more frequently and becoming tiers easily, is this normal ?


    • says

      Hi! How much sole are you drinking? This does not make you urinate more unless you are consuming more water than you normally do. And do you mean that you get more tired? That is not something that I have heard. Please give me a bit more info and we can chat.

    • Mio says

      Maybe the body work and detox inside out that make you feel tired and need to go to the toilet often but it should get into balans somehow let see about 2-3 weeks if there have any change is just my opinion

  86. Susan says

    Thanks for all the info. I have just started drinking sole 2 days ago. Question – when you say to let the tongue tell you if you need more – if it tastes really salty we don’t need more and if tastes bland we do……what are we tasting? The sole water in the jar or a glass of water we have added sole to? The sole water in the jar is very salty!

    • says

      Hi, Susan! You are tasting your morning water with the sole in it. I adjust the amount of sole that put into my morning water by how it tastes. Some days I have more, some days less. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for coming by!

  87. CeeJay says

    Found your site while researching why my doctor wants me to take Celtic Sea Salt with my morning water. My doc is prescribing I use 1 tsp of CSS in a glass of warm water every AM an PM. Other than than the sole being concentrated and the salt fully dissolved, do you see any downside of simply putting the CSS directly in my glass of water?

  88. johnny says

    I’m out of town for work..I made a small batch of sole to drink..but I only have a Jar with the regular metel mason style lid…can I put some plastic between the glass and lid to help keep the metal away??? my jar at home has a Rubber lid..thank you for your response.. Johnny

    • says

      I would not recommend using a metal top. Not sure if plastic in between will work. You can always purchase a drink in a glass bottle with a plastic top and reuse that.

    • says

      A good quality unrefined salt will not raise your BP. But you should definitely experiment and see how your body reacts. We are all different.

  89. paul elliott says

    Hi Katja i have being drinking this every morning, for the last to weeks, but still drinking water 5 times a day, i had a brain injury, can you tell me plz if i,m doing wrong by drinking water during the day? after having my Salt Water Sole in the morning!
    Paul Elliott

    • says

      Hi, there1 It is still good to drink water through out the day. It is important to stay hydrated. You just don’t want to drink excessively.

  90. melody says

    I wonder if the sole will affect thyroid meds. I have to take it on an empty stomach in the morning also n…

    • says

      I would take it separate from the thyroid medication. From my understanding, thyroid meds like Levothyroxine should be taken on an empty stomach apart for minerals and supplements.

  91. John says

    Hi, thanks so much for the article. I have some sole water brewing at this moment. its been about 12 hours and most salt dissolved. Just wondering would this help with sleep issues for a shift worker ? Theres so many benefits to the sole water and look forward to these benefits. Thanks

  92. Brett says

    I drink a cup of green tea mixed w/ coconut oil each morning, which naturally is a Diuretic. Would it be beneficial if I added sole to it? Or would it be better to drink tea separately from a glass of sole water?

    • says

      You could definitely combine it but not sure how it would taste. I like to start my day with a big glass of plain water with sole just to hydrate and set my body for the day.

  93. Himmu says

    Hi, Katja

    I am from India

    I have made sole in home and i learned that we have to avoid metal spoon and lid and we dont have to shake it every time when we take sole out.

    A pink color powdery think settled in the bottle always with some stones left behind to it which we dont have to mix in our sole water by shaking it ?

    I understand this but that pinkish powder is what unwanted heavy metals ? which is not absorbed by water..

    Now please answer this question.
    I am not shaking my sole while making a glass to drink every morning so in this glass how much IODINE i am getting each day.

    I am thinking what If iodine is settled in the bottom of the bottle then our sole is not with iodine?

    • says

      The settled powder on the bottom is the salt that is not dissolved in the sole. It means your sole is completely saturated, which is what you want. The sole has the same mineral content as the salt. The minerals do not separate out in the sole. You do not need to shake the sole. Just ladle out a small amount each morning.

      • Angela says

        Can you use sole for cats? Everything I have read is just for dogs, but dogs and cats are different. I have an older cat with renal issues. I give IV fluids every other day, but I am wondering if sole wouldn’t assist with some of his kidney issues? Do you have any experience with this?

      • Himmu says

        But if it take one big tablespoons of sole mix in water and drank? then how much iodine i am getting by this?

        Iodine is important and normal table salt have iodine? so this Himalayan sole provide iodine else i will be having iodine deficiency in my body

  94. Mio says

    I use a glas jar that have glas as a top but the lock outside the jar made from metall is it safe to use in this? And when I swirl the water inside the jar spill out it can’t be close tightly

    • says

      YOu don’t need to swirl the sole before you use it. It is already super concentrated. Just dip your wooden spoon in and take a bit out. Hope that helps.

  95. momo says

    I was wondering if it’s safe to fill a jar straight from the dead sea and use that as sole (being that its already saturated)?

  96. Bill Thomas says

    I have made this with both fine and course flake Himalayan pink salt and it forms a pink sediment at the bottom of the jar in the water. Can you tell me what that is and should I mix that up and drink it within the teaspoon I drink everyday or leave it there and discard at the end?

    I have also heard it’s important to get this salt from sources that do not use metal extractors. How can you know the extraction method and how important is that?

    Thank you

    • says

      The sediment at the bottom is a good sign. It means that the solution is as concentrated as it can get. There is no need to mix up the sole before using.

      As far as sourcing good salt, I have found that it is hard to get good, clean salt. I am actually in the process of finding a new source of salt that is cleaner than what I have been using. It takes a ton of research. i will report back what I find.

  97. Maderetha says

    Hi Katja, we have a reverse osmosis system in the house and just ran out of trace mineral drops. Was wondering if I can use sole to replenish the minerals in the water rather than buying trace minerals again. How much would I need to put into a liter of water? Also, can I just use salt or is it better to use the sole?

    • says

      Hi, there! So I do use the sole to replace minerals in my RO water as well. I actually go back and forth between the minerals and the sole- just to be sure I’m getting what I need. It’s not an exact science. I just add a bit of the sole to my glass water bottle when I fill it. Sometimes I make it more salty than others. Depending on what I’m feeling my body needs. I use the sole instead of just salt as it’s more convenient AND because the sole is super concentrated and already dissolved. Hope that helps!


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