10 Easy Homemade Mayonnaise Recipes

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10 Easy Homemade Mayonnaise Recipes (paleo)| savorylotus.com

Mayonnaise is the most popular condiment in my fridge.  Everyone loves a good mayo.  Did you know that it is super easy to make at home?  Here are 10 of my favorite easy homemade mayonnaise recipes.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in store-bought mayonnaise?  Full of unhealthy, processed vegetable oils that are best left uneaten.  Read more HERE about why I avoid oils like canola, soybean, corn, sunflower, and peanut.  Even the ones that advertise being made with olive oil usually include canola as well.  No thanks!

I’ve been making homemade mayonnaise for some time now.  I’ve probably tried every recipe combination out there: olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, avocado oil, and macadamia oil mayo.  Some have definitely been better than others.

I have heard people say that homemade mayo is a mystery to them.  But I have discovered that if you understand a few simple principles, it’s a breeze to make at home.  Mayo is made of of pretty much 3 different ingredients:  a fat/oil, a vinegar/acid, and egg.  Super simple.  These 3 things are combined together to create an emulsion.  While oil and vinegar (or lemon juice, as I prefer to use) do not naturally come together easily, when you add the egg (the emulsifier), you get a rich, creamy, smooth mayonnaise that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

When making homemade mayonnaise, you have several options.  You can whisk it by hand. You can use a blender.  You can use a food processor.  Or do what I do:  use your immersion hand blender.  I have done it all 4 ways and prefer the immersion blender.  It is so much easier and faster.  I’m talking 30 seconds fast.  Yeah, I told you it was easy.

A few tips:

  • Always use room temperature ingredients.  Using cold eggs, oil, or lemon juice may cause your mayo to FAIL.
  • If using a blender, warm the blender container a bit by running it under some hot water.  I have heard this makes the emulsion more successful.
  • Use a light flavored oil.  Strong tasting oils do not make a tasty mayo. My personal favorites are avocado oil and macadamia oil
  • Use an immersion blender.  I can’t even tell you how easy this is.  I have never had my immersion blender mayo fail.  Just be sure to use a narrow cup or container. I use the measuring cup that came with my immersion blender.  This does not work so well in a shallow bowl.

Here’s a little tip for ya:  If you want to make mayo and your egg is cold.  Let it sit in a bowl of warm water for a bit.  It will soon be room temperature.  You’re welcome!

Worried about consuming raw eggs?  A few readers have been curious.  Read THIS to answer your questions about that.  I HIGHLY recommend using only eggs from happy, healthy pastured chickens.  And I’m not talking about cage free or organic eggs from the grocery store.  Know where your food comes from.  Support local farmers.  Eat real food.  Eat pastured eggs!  There is no comparison.


My personal favorite recipe:

Like I said, I like to use my hand immersion blender.  This is what I do:

 one egg yolk

1/2 tsp dijon mustard

juice from half of a lemon

3/4 cup avocado oil

unrefined sea salt

Place yolk, mustard, and lemon juice into a narrow container.  Pour oil over top.  Place immersion blender in.  Blend until creamy smooth.  Salt to taste.  Bam!  Less than 30 seconds and you have the best tasting mayo you have ever had.



 10 Easy Homemade Mayonnaise Recipes


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10 Easy Homemade Mayonnaise Recipes (paleo) - savorylotus.com

Have you ever made mayonnaise at home?  How did it turn out?

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  1. says

    thank you. thank you so flipping much. you have no idea how long i have searched for a mayo. every single mayo in the stores, organic or not, has canola or soy in them. doesn’t matter what company. tried to make mayo in my blender and failed miserably. un-emulsed mayo EVERYwhere. enter immersion blender! funnily enough, someone mentioned to me i should try this and i haven’t yet. great reminder!

    • says

      OMG! Once you make immersion blender mayo, you will never go back. I just made some tonight for our BLT lettuce cups. I seriously get excited every time the mayo turns creamy and white. I’m a total dork, but I just think it’s awesome. And I love mayo! Please let me know how it turns out when you try it.

      • kim sadler says

        katja, help! i tried doing this about 4 times and i keep failing. i tried letting the ingredients warm up. i was blending it in the only narrow container i have, which is the one that came with the immersion blender. do i need to find a jar that’s fits it exactly? i just cannot seem to get it to work and i desperately want to.

  2. Cyndi says

    I made homemade mayo yesterday with a recipe almost identical to this one, except that it included a whole egg as well. Can you tell me what the difference would be between yours and mine using an egg yolk with a whole egg? Thank you.

    • says

      Mayo can be made with either just the yolk or using the whole egg. It’s a matter of preference. I prefer mayo with just the yolk. :)

    • says

      Read THIS to answer your questions about that—> http://empoweredsustenance.com/raw-eggs-safe/ I HIGHLY recommend using only eggs from happy, healthy pastured chickens. And I’m not talking about cage free or organic eggs from the grocery store. Know where your food comes from. Support local farmers. Eat real food. Eat pastured eggs! There is no comparison. Thanks so much for coming by :)

  3. GrannyM says

    Just looking to see if you have a tip for what to do when the emulsion fails. I’ve made two failed mayos today. Mind you, I’ve been making it with my immersion blender for a couple of years but today is a disaster! I threw out the one from this morning now I’m hoping to rescue the new one. Thanks!

  4. Nicole says

    I have tried making mayo. While I was successful, I never could get a taste ‘just right’. Right now we are using Kraft Miracle whip made with Olive oil. I love this stuff! LOL … The several recipes I tried all tasted ‘weird’ to me (hubby did not care) … maybe its a homemade vs store bought thing? We were buying the Kraft Mayo done with olive oil until I found the MW with olive oil. I’ll try yours & see how we like it.

    • says

      My sweetie has been super stubborn when it comes to mayo. The simple recipe made with avocado oil that I posted finally won him over. Let me know how it goes. :)

  5. Ellie says

    Hi! The first time I tried your immersion blender recipe it worked great! But I have now had two batches fail… My eggs were at room temp, any other troubleshooting ideas? Thanks!


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